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AGE: – Unknown
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue -Age related wear, there are black spots on this piece, can’t work out what they are. (see pictures). There are two round holes on either side towards the back, I would think at one time two small disciples would have occupied this place.

HEIGHT: – 24cm
WIDTH: – 18cm
DEPTH: – 10.5
WEIGHT: – 1.4 Kg.
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Antique Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue seated on a lotus throne on top of a two tiered pedestal with the right hand placed over the knee, in Bhumisparsa Mudra, “Calling Earth to Witness” or Victory over Mara. This Mudra represents the moment of enlightenment.

The flame above the usnisha is typically seen of the Sukhothai Buddha image. The flame symbolizes the Buddha’s radiant spiritual energy, the hairline forms a delicate V-shape in the middle of the top part of the brow. The hairline follows the curve of the arched eyebrows underneath which join at the bridge of a largish slightly hooked nose. The elongated earlobes denote the Buddha’s former princely status with broad shoulders and inflated chest.

Thai script on the lower front of the statue may indicate age.

Antique Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue
Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue - Buimisparsa Mudra
Head view of Brass sukhothai Buddha Statue
Thai Script on Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue
Stamp on base of Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue
Mark on Back of Base of Thai Sukhothai Buddha Statue
View of back of Thai Brass Sukhothai Buddha Statue
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