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AGE: – 19th Century, possibly earlier
CONSTRUCTION: – steel, wood natural fibre
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Balinese Keris Wooden Scabbard – Blade slightly damaged on edges near blade tip, 4 stones missing Mendek

LENGTH: – 61cm
GRIP: – 12cm
WEIGHT:– 550gms
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Traditional 19th Century Antique Balinese Keris Wooden Scabbard from the Lombok Island in Eastern Indonesia.

The grip is a traditional style from the Lombok area with hair interwoven with a natural plant fibre wrapped around the middle section of the grip, leaving the top and bottom of the wood exposed. Four stones are missing on the (Mendek) the ring below the grip. Not sure what the remaining stones are, often semi precious gemstones are used. The scabbard is made of a natural light and dark grained wood colour.

Antique Balinese Keris Wooden Scabbard
Indonesian Balinese Keris & Scabbard
Grip Biew Indonesian Balinese Straight Bladed Keris
Blade Balinese Antique Keris
Blade view Indonesian Balinese Keris
Antique Indonesian Balinese Keris
Indonesian Balinese straight Bladed keris Grip
Damage to Blade Lombok Keris
Close up view Indonesian Keris Blade
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