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AGE: – 19th – 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Alabaster, lacquer and gild
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Alabaster Reclining Mandalay Buddha Statue from Yadanabon – in excellent condition, gilding worn with age

HEIGHT: – 34cm
DEPTH: – 19cm
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Burmese Alabaster Reclining Mandalay Buddha Statue – also referred to as a “Yadanarbon sleeping Buddha”, indicated by the position of the feet, the two feet misaligned are that of the sleeping Buddha if the feet are in alignment it is that of the Buddha entering into nirvana (parinirvana).

Yadanarbon was the old name for present-day Mandalay in central Myanmar. Mandalay situated on the Irrawaddy river is the second largest city in Myanmar. It was the capital of the last independent Burmese kingdom founded by King Mindon who moved the royal capital from Amarapura in 1857 to Mandalay. During this time it was referred to as the Kingdom of Yadanarbon.

In 1886 Mandalay was conquered by British colonial forces up until 1948. During the second world war British rule was disrupted by the Japanese who occupied many parts of Burma including the famous tourist attraction Sutaungpyei Pagoda on Mandalay Hill which became a Japanese stronghold towards the end of World war two.

Mandalay is a derivative of the Pali word Mandala meaning a Plain or Mandare which means an auspicious land.

Antique Alabaster Reclining Mandalay Buddha Statue
Mandalay Reclining Buddha Statue
Burmese antique alabaster Mandalay Buddha Statue
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