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AGE: – 18th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Alabaster Royal King Shan Buddha Statue – beautifully incised and gilded with gold leaf

HEIGHT: – 58cm
WIDTH: – 35cm
DEPTH: – 13cm
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A masterpiece in craftsmanship, beautiful 18th Century Burmese Alabaster Royal King Shan Buddha Statue, seated on a double lotus pedestal with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa mudra. The robe, flanges, body and pedestal are gilded and intricately incised to represent the royal regalia worn by a king.

This Buddha statue is shown with carved flanges decorating either side of the head, wearing large earrings extending over the shoulders similar to the style frequently seen on Burmese Arakan style royal king Buddha statues from Mrauk-u in the Rakhine state, north west Burma and sharing a border with Bangladesh.

Large gilded rings decorate each finger on the right hand and again on the thumb of the left hand. The royal crown is carved and incised in a lotus petal shape, supported by a broad band circling the forehead. Above the crown is a large wide bulbous usnisha with a bulbous finial above, rising into a point.

This statue is an 18th – 19th Century masterpiece from the Innwa area of upper Burma referred to as the Kingdom of Innwa or the Court of Inwa. Innwa was the capital of Burma from 1364 A.D. until 1841 A.D. and was founded by King Thadominbya – Innwa kingdom. Today there is little left of this once flourishing dynasty except a few ruins remaining that are evident of the splendor of the Innwa kingdom.

The Innwa period lasted for three hundred and sixty years. it was during this period that many of the most beautiful and ornate Buddha images were crafted. Some were inlaid with gems and precious stones, and now in private collections or museums. Others were ornamented with thayo lacquer and glass mosaics in varying degrees.

Alabaster Royal King Shan Buddha Statue

Burmese Alabaster Royal Shan Buddha Statue #854
Burmese Alabaster Royal King Shan Buddha Statue
Face view Burmese Royal King Shan Buddha Statue #854
Royal King Shan Buddha Statue #854
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