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Contact UsGolden Triangle Antiques is located in Brisbane, in the Sunny state of Queensland, Australia, beautiful one day, perfect the next, maybe climate change is changing this!!

Our interest in Buddha statues and all things Chinese and Asian started nearly fifty years ago whilst residing in Singapore. Since then we have resided in China, Indonesia, Borneo, Libya, Malaysia and England. Items within this website have been collected from these countries and various other Asian countries we have visited over the years.

All items on our website have been acquired and purchased through legal and proper channels.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website, we are happy to answer any question you may have in relation to any of the objects herein.


Many of us have a collecting fetish of some kind or another, for me it is the love of the Burmese Buddha statue followed by Chinese ceramics and a fascination with ancient Mingqi Chinese earthenware which in ancient times were placed in burial chambers alongside the deceased to accompany them into the afterlife, a custom not only practiced by the Chinese but also in many other ancient cultures.

The face of the Burmese Buddha statue we feel is unmatched for its beauty, with their gentle soft and calm facial expressions. The attire seen on Burmese Buddha statues vary, some are highly ornate, decorated with glass mosaics, thayo lacquer and gilded, others are seen wearing a simple monks robe. They are made in many different mediums such as bronze, alabaster, marble wood and hollow lacquer.

Other items on this website such as the Javanese keris, parangs and swords, hand woven textiles, Burmese manuscripts and tribal objects are the interests of my other half.

Many of our Unique Antique Buddha statues once sat on an alter in a Burmese monastery, giving solace and a sense of peace to those who knelt before them in prayer.

No modern statue embodies the essence of a genuine antique Buddha statue, nor hold the mysteries of the stories they could tell if they could talk.

This is what makes many in our collection very special

The Buddha statues on this website have been handpicked by us in Burma, many are unique, and some are rare – not made for the tourist industry.

Many older Buddha Statues over their lifetime in a monastery have been considered worthy of restoration by the monks, some are re gilded whilst others may have repairs.

The crafting of a Buddha statue not only expresses the imagination of the Burmese craftsmen, but also identifies the period in time, and the area in which it was made. The most common style which became fashionable during the mid 19th century is the Mandalay Buddha statue with inlaid glass mosaics, floral thayo lacquer decoration, elaborately folded robes and lapel draped over the left shoulder.

Today there are a myriad of shops and garden centres selling Buddha statues in various sizes, many made from resin made to look like stone, whilst others are made from stone or cement made specifically for ornamentation to enhance the ambience of one’s home or garden.

A statue of the Buddha imparts a sense of peace, serenity and harmony wherever they are placed, they are representative of the enlightened Buddha, a reminder to each of us of life’s journey towards this goal.

The opening up of Burma to tourists saw a lot of old Buddha statues leave the monasteries, not because they were stolen, but because monasteries that benefited from the influx of tourists adopted the “out with the old and in with the new” attitude, exchanging many of these beautiful old statues for newly made statues.

In other instances a Buddha statue is often exchanged for a donation from a local person for repairs and maintenance to their monastery, and at the same time, earning them merit, or as we here in Australia would say earning brownie point for the donation.

Maureen & Werner Dutler
Golden Triangle Antiques

About Us

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