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About Us

Located in the Sunny state of Queensland, Australia, beautiful one day, perfect the next, maybe climate change is changing this!!

We believe our collection of Burmese Buddha statues is one of the finest collection of unique and rare Burmese Buddha statues to be found in Australia.

From our first visit to Burma, now known as Myanmar, we were enthralled by the country, the friendliness, and warmth of it’s people, the wonderfully rich and interesting history of Myanmar, and their beautifully crafted Buddha statues and other Buddhist iconography. Other items within this website have been collected from various parts of South East Asia and China over a lifetime of travel and work within the countries they were acquired.

All items in our collection have been acquired through legal channels.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website, we are happy to answer any question you may have in relation to any of the objects herein.


Phone: +61 428 786 486


About Us

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