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AGE: – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: –  19th C Mandalay Royal King Buddha Statuee – Age related wear, Thayo Lacquer decoration throughout whole body, traces of gild. Head, hands and feet are separate pieces, some small chips to lacquer on tips of ears and finger.

HEIGHT: – 54cm
WIDTH: – 41cm
DEPTH: – 23cm
WEIGHT: – 9 kg.
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19th Century Mandalay Royal King Buddha Statue with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa Mudra – “calling the earth to witness”. The left hand lies in the lap, palm upwards whilst the right hand bends over the right knee with fingers slightly touching the top of the pedestal indicating the moment of his enlightenment.

The body and arms are covered in Thayo lacquer decoration in a diamond or fish scale pattern similar to other older style Jambhupati style Buddha statues represents the robe worn by the Buddha. Traces of gold still remain and a band of coloured red glass mosaics decorate the sides and front of the forehead. A Thayo lacquer scroll pattern decorates the top front of the robe and again around the front of the pedestal.
Although there is plenty of information in the Tipitaka regarding the physical appearance of the Buddha, he was neither dark nor fair. This is an unusual representation of the Buddha in that he has a dark skin colour. The Buddha in reality would have had a skin colour of most Asian Indians and as he spent a great deal of his mature years meditating and teaching outdoors, the sun would have darkened his skin colour considerably.

Condition of this nice old Mandalay statue overall is good, some of the thayo lacquer decoration has been worn and damaged with age, mainly around the pedestal on which the Buddha is seated and neck area where some of the lacquer has worn of on the post that slots into the neck. Hands and head have been carved separately to the body and are removable.

19th Century Mandalay Royal King Buddha Statue
Burmese Mandalay Royal King Buddha Statue
Hand gesture Mandalay Teak Wood King Buddha Statue
Head view Mandalay Teak Wood King Buddha Statue 19th Century
Back view Mandalay Teak Wood King Buddha Statue - 19th Century
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