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AGE: – 18th Century
DESCRIPTION: – 18th Century Chinese Porcelain Allah Plate – 4 hairline cracks around edge of plate (see picture)

HEIGHT: – 5cm
WEIGHT: 750 gms
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There are several variations of this 18th Century Chinese Kitchen Ch’ing Allah Plate or “Sino-Islamic plates”. Some of an earlier period and some later, they were first studied by Madam Kamer Aga-Oglu. She believes these plates to be dated from late 17th to early 18th Century and that there are only five specimens known to her, three in the Museum of Anthropology of the University of Michigan which was excavated in the Philippines in 1922; one in the collection of Evett D. Hester, also found in the Philippines and now in the Natural History Museum, Chicago; another in the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, Toronto.

Plates with similar design were found on the Diana Cargo Shipwreck, however, the sundburst motifs and patterns found in this cargo differ to this plate. Reference to this example of the Allah plate is illustrated in the book “Nonya Ware and Kitchen Chi’ng” printed by the South East Asian Ceramic Society.

Kitchen Chi’ng ceramics can be found throughout Asia, in fact wherever the Chinese migrated to, plates similar to this one can be found.

This particular plate deviated from the traditional design with the addition of a stylized Allah written four times around the outside rim of the plate and again four times around the centre of the plate. It is thought that this version of the plate with the word “Allah” represents a phase in the devolution of the design.

18th Century Chinese Porcelain Allah PlateSave

Chinese Kitchen Ching Ceramic Allah Plate
Chinese Kitchen Ching Porcelain Allah Plate
Side view Kitchen Ching Porcelain Allah Plate
Ch'ing Ceramic Allah Plate 2
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